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Use your computer as a tool for Scoring Darts. Download my free software, Dart Marker 3 - Cricket Scoreboard.

Random incoherence from Vice President Dan Quayle, another fine mind from the shallow end of the Conservative gene pool.

Here are a couple of Short Stories written when I was a young man. Pretentious work, no doubt. But I'm not proud.

Still more random quotes, this time from comedian Steven Wright. Deadpan humor as an art form.

Here are the same Words of Wisdom seen randomly regurgitated on my homepage, reloading every 10 seconds.

Another entirely pointless ASP experiment from the early 90's, this Birthday Calculator will tell you the day you were born, and other useless info.

Long ago (1996), I created this silly 3-Dimensional Image of myself spinning in place. A fun afternoon playing with my friend's then-new digital camera.