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You are no Jack Kennedy


Say more stupid things

"I just don't believe in the basic concept that someone should make their whole career in public service."

- Vice President (former senator, former congressman, etc.) Dan Quayle

Funny stuff from a silver spoon moron. And it's fun to laugh when someone's public ineptitude feels harmless instead of cruel. It's almost quaint, looking back at a moment when one of our nation's embarrassments was simply to have a buffoonish Vice President. Someone comically incompetent, without the Dunning-Kruger arrogance of Sarah Palin, or the unapologetic corruption of Spiro Agnew, or the scorched earth warmongering of Dick Cheney. Anyway, simpler times by comparison. (sigh)

Today we're suffering from something on a whole different level of dangerous: an existential cancer on the Executive Office itself, and by extension, our very Constitution. Somehow a popular vote minority of willfully misinformed Americans have elevated a con man to the White House with the help of Russian subterfuge and corrupted Conservative values. But it's so much more than that... America's illegitimate President is a stone cold racist, a malignant narcissist, a draft-dodger, a scofflaw who doesn't pay his debts or taxes, a sexual predator and a rapist, a pathological liar, a proud adulterer, a criminal and a traitor. If any one person could exemplify the worst of humanity, it would be Donald Trump. These things are not in dispute, and they are not casual opinions, they are just facts. They are not alternative facts, they are just facts. Donald J. Trump is a criminal and a traitor and the leader of today's Republican Party. Make no mistake, Trump didn't "take over" the Party of Lincoln, they welcomed him in with open arms. It's who they are now, where the inherent selfishness of Conservative thinking has devolved into raw cruelty, their wagons eagerly hitched to human garbage. Maybe life imitates art... because Shield is Hydra, and has been all along.

It's so easy to get angry. I get angry a lot, as a natural response to disappointment. It's a helpless feeling, witnessing the lesser nature of our culture make this kind of unethical grab for influence.

So I guess if you're here reading these comments and you're still a Trump Supporter... I don't know what to do with you. At this point, shame has little effect on your values, and I don't want you in my life. I don't want you near my family. I don't want to know you. I suppose the best advice I can offer is simple... You can't share in someone else's power without being complicit in their crimes. Please think about that, and become a better person. Make better choices. Become a better American.

In post-war Germany, tens of thousands of civilian Nazis killed themselves rather than face their conscience. What are you going to do when your time comes?

- John Clare, January 2020