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In October 1997, I bought my first Digital Camera, the Olympus D320L. Soon thereafter, photo collections began piling up, so I started experimenting with ways to showcase photos on my website. One of the techniques I experimented with was this Slideshow presentation.

Since then, the camera and this Slideshow technique have each been upgraded. I moved up to the Olympus C2000 in Summer of '99, and to the Canon G3 in Summer of '03. As for this Slideshow technique, it was also redesigned as a more dynamic, Active Server Page application.

To run a Slideshow, click the Start button to the right of each category. Once the showcase window pops up, use the VCR buttons to navigate from picture to picture, or sit back as the images auto-load every 30 seconds.

If you're looking at this stuff on a tablet, it's going to look wrong. It will work, but it was designed as a pop-up browser window. Anyway, cut me some slack... it's been 20 years.

( 2002 ) Second in two short vacations for 2002, we had our very first vacation without our daughter. Sure, we missed her like crazy, but it was also somewhat liberating. For 3 nights and 4 days, we burned up our walking shoes in Las Vegas, Nevada. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel, saw "Mystere" by the Cirque Du Soleil, and ate way too much at the buffets.

( 2002 ) This year Gail and I took Katie to our nation's capital. We had perfect weather that weekend, although I think we all underestimated how much walking you need to do in Washington.

( 2001 ) Each holiday season, the Garden Factory sets up this truly amazing miniature train set.  People young and old come from all over Rochester to see it.  This Christmas Gail and I brought Katie and our camera.

( 2001 ) Late fall this year we spent a get-away weekend with our friends Vicky and Rick, who rented a cabin in the Adirondacks. The leaves were changing, the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful weekend.

( 2001 ) Our big vacation for 2001 was a road trip throughout Nova Scotia, Canada. Scenery was incredible, and here are a handful of pictures from Blue Rock, and Peggy's Cove, Hulls Harbor and the Scotia Prince ferry.

( 2001 ) On our way up to Nova Scotia for our Summer Vacation, we first spent a relaxing day in Sturbridge Mass, casually touring the period museum.  Much like Rochester's Genesee County Museum, although much larger.

( 2000 ) Rochester, New York can take on a whole new perspective when seen from the High Falls bridge over the Genesee River.

( 2000 ) Spending the afternoon with wife and baby in Highland Park. The lilacs were in full bloom that day. We also toured through the hothouse and took some pictures there.

( 2000 ) Back again to the Sterling, NY Renaissance Faire, this time with Katie's Godparents, Rick and Vicky Schwan. This was Katie's first test-drive with her new "Twinkle" off-road stroller.

( 1999 ) One of the more nasty snow storms to hit Rochester in a while, Gail grabbed the camera and took some shots of the house and neighborhood.

( 1999 ) Our friends John and Terry Sheltra took us to the Florida Aquarium while vacationing down South. It was an amazing place, allowing for some really neat photography.

( 1998 ) While the rest of Rochester was at the Lilac Festival, Gail and I spent a beautiful day at the Genesee County Museum. No crowds, a gentle breeze, and temperatures in the mid 70's, we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.

( 1998 ) On Labor Day we spent the morning at Letchworth Park with our friends, Laurent and Amy Fontanel. The day began with this fantastic breakfast buffet at the Glen Iris Bed & Breakfast, then a hike up the Falls to the railroad tracks and back. It was a gorgeous, sunny day.

( 1998 ) The weekend before our wedding, we spent Saturday at the Sterling, NY Renaissance Faire, with our friends, the Ferrigno family. Jake Ferrigno is an adorable, wide-eyed little guy who made the whole day fun.

( 1997 ) In October of '97 we went touring the Seneca Lake Wineries with the Fontanel's. The day was perfect for a little sight-seeing, and more than a little wine-tasting. Scenery that weekend was breath-taking.

( 1997 ) Although I grew up on the west side of the county, Irondequoit became my home in 1996. And then there's my fiancÚ (wife) who grew up as a Bay Rat.  Here are some nice shots of the Bay area.