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Photo Studio

Father's Day in 2004, Gail took the girls to our Wedding Photographer for a Professional Photo Session. This is my family - my three beautiful girls.

A collection of original and favorite Digital Photographs, when digital cameras were new. Not really relevent as wallpaper anymore, given the old 4:3 aspect ratio.

While experimenting with image editing, I came up with this technique of introducing color elements into a Black & White image.

Years ago, I built this Slideshow Technique to showcase digital photos. The presentation style is still pretty unique.

Of and about my wife, I call this my "Photo Gailary." We've been together since May 1996, and happily Married since 1998.
A photo tour of the 1997 Camping Trip with the guys! Four shivering, wet days in the Adirondacks.

From my first Firebird, to the inevitable Mini-van, here are Cars I've Owned, over the last few decades.

My wonderful Mom & Dad, Rest in Peace. This is a picture of Bill and Bette Clare at Letchworth Park sometime in the early 1990's.