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Miscellaneous Stuff

If the web cam software is running, you can see me Sitting at my Desk. This page is mostly for friends and family to see Katie or Krissy in real-time, but it's still fun.

I've created a number of Commercial Websites since 1997. Some have passed on, or been reborn by new web developers, and some are still going strong. Nothing lasts forever, specially a website.

WebApp Development and input fields... always a problem for numbers. Here's my solution for Formatting a Number, client-side, to a specific decimal precision.

Here's a fun, client-side technique for Changing the Sequence of a list of items, with some drag-n-drop experimentation thrown in. (IE-only. Sorry.)

Inspired by Outlook 2003, this experiment is a Notification Pop-up Window. It's also another IE-only implementation, but very cool none-the-less!

A summary of all the Computer Hardware I use to create all this wonderful stuff. If you're into computer parts, this is a very cool listing.

Here I disavow all Personal Responsibility for any problems you might have in my web. I am webmaster, hear me roar.

Save some time, have some fun - Register your Name and email address with my website. (harmless)

Back in July of '97, I had a very Important Announcement to make about my girlfriend and I. The people I didn't get to directly found out about it on my website.